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The only Multicam Simulator in the world


Now you can. Before it was almost impossible. You needed an expensive studio, crew and loads of hardware – and loads of money. This is why Multicam simulator was invented.

Now you can learn multicamera directing. Train yourself to next level with the first and only multicam simulator in the world.


You direct and cut four cameras, move and zoom them around the studio. You are the multicam director, vision mixer and the cameraman watching the monitor wall and controlling the show with the keyboard!

Just updated!

The beginning is hard, very hard. As in a real life studio! 


Directing multicamera shows are hectic and full of challenges. Four cameras are very diffucult to control with just one person. But you will learn it!


Training was impossible before without a huge budget.

Start leaning now!

With intuitive controls and the monitor wall, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in the director’s chair.


The possibilities are endless. There are no points to get or collect and nobody dies. The Simulator helps you to learn to direct, mix the cameras and pan, tilt & zoom cameras. 


Now you can be one the few who make it to the top! 


Multicamera directing is the most wanted and most exciting job in the industry.


And it is the job of the future. The director needs to control various technical things in the expanding field of broadcast and streaming media.    


Start your journey!

No studio

No crew

No hardware

Just a laptop

Whether your goal is to direct a talk show, Olympic games, a concert or a stream, the same rules apply in every genre. You need to understand the content and you tell the story with shots. With Multicam Simulator, you have everything you need for the training. You just need a keyboard and a PC.


People say the directors need two brains and four eyes. It would help, but you can learn to do this with just one brain and two eyes:)

You will get

  •  Director´s monitor wall
  •  Camera outputs + overview cam views
  •  Media player view
  •  Timecodes: Realtime, PGM, media up and down
  •  Zoom value of the selected camera
  •  FPS rate
  •  Four studios. Two talk shows and two for music
  •  Four generic videos to play as inserts, two pieces of music to play



  •  PC/ laptop with a keyboard


  •  Play the audio from any audio streaming service. It´s illegal to record podcasts and music.


See how the game works!


Multicam Simulator is also a fun and engaging game!


Build your dream!

Join the ranks of industry leaders!

Make your mark in the world of television and streams. You can expect to see rapid improvement. The confidence you gain will help you succeed. Start your journey now!

The simulator is developed by a multicamera director with over 20 years of experience in entertainment, talk shows and concerts.

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